Lighting Design

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The Importance of Lighting Design

Nothing has a greater impact on a space than lighting. Lighting influences the appearance, tone, and impression of every single object or space. It can make or break the overall ambience of an interior. The best-designed environments are layered with more than one lighting type. Used properly you can bring drama, focus, and mood to any room.

The Designer’s Choice for Lighting

Discerning interior designers partner with Northern Lights Electric Inc. for exceptional lighting design.  We regularly work with the top interior designers in the Bay Area.

Receive A Lighting Consultation

When we come to your home or business for a lighting design consultation you will access our extensive knowledge of lighting products.  Unlike lighting stores, we’ve installed hundreds of thousands of lights ourselves.  So we know first hand what size, color, and shape the fixture will be.  More importantly we know how it will fill yourr space with light. Request your Lighting Consultation today.

 Principals of Lighting Design

The first step to lighting design is to identify the room’s main focal points. This is where the brightest layer of light should be directed. The next step is a middle layer of light that provides interest in specific areas like paintings or architectural features.  The third layer fills in the background and creates warmth. Once these three essential layers are in place, decorative lighting pieces may be added.

The 4 principal lighting types:

Task lighting is bright light that illuminates a specific area where a visual activity, such as food preparation, or reading takes place.

Accent lighting is light directed to focus attention on artwork, architectural features, to help set a mood or provide drama in decorating your space.

Ambient Lighting fills in the background with a soft general light.  Examples of ambient light are sconces, and wall washes.

Decorative lighting draws attention to its self, and can sometime be the centerpiece or focal point of a room. A Dining Room Chandelier is a perfect example.